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Justin Timberlake Singer/Songwriter, Actor61913,71037
Prince Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Actor, Producer. Died April 21, 2016.18610,384114
Tom Cruise Actor, Producer, Writer, Director, Dwarf651010,30439
Kirk Hammett Guitarist, Songwriter23610,19768
Bob Marley Musician, Singer/Songwriter. Died May 11, 1981.3589,27962
Adam Sandler Comedian, Actor,Producer,Writer.4998,06677
Jimi Hendrix Musician, Singer/Songwriter. Died September 18, 1970.4798,01334
Bob Dylan Musician, Singer/Songwriter.367,925103
Henry Rollins Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Actor, Writer, Spoken-Word Artist, Journalist, Publisher, Comedian, TV/ Radio host347,656110
Rob Zombie Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Director, Producer.2367,53559
Lou Reed Musician, Singer/Songwriter. Died October 27, 2013.357,51984
Drake Rapper, Singer/Songwriter, Actor.547,29177
Dave Mustaine Musician, Singer/Songwriter.2367,12832
James Franco Actor, Writer, Director3877,02730
Ben Affleck Actor, director, screenwriter, producer4296,66328
Eric Clapton Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Producer3896,56437
David Bowie Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Actor. Died January 10, 2016.356,43496
Les Claypool Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Author, Director, Actor & The Worlds Greatest Bass Player2246,41155
Travis Barker Musician, Songwriter, Producer366,154175
John Lennon Musician, Singer/Songwriter. Died December 8, 1980.4496,08817
Tom Green Actor, Rapper, Writer, Comedian, Talk Show Host & Media Personality2765,96322
Mike Myers Actor, Comedian, Singer, Screenwriter and Producer3085,94846
Bruce Springsteen Singer/Songwriter, Musician.685,76762
Zakk Wylde Musician, Songwriter, Actor, Producer2365,71612
Marc Bolan Musician, Singer/Songwriter. Died September 29, 1977245,70870
Stevie Ray Vaughan Musician, Singer/Songwriter. Died August 27, 1990.2775,69519
Alice Cooper Singer/Songwriter, Actor365,64252
Ozzy Osbourne Singer/Songwriter, TV Personality.3485,60437
Yelawolf Rapper, Skateboarder, Songwriter, Producer, Actor, Director2234,88616
Sting Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Actor894,79541
Ace Frehley Musician, Singer/Songwriter.2364,77417
John Travolta Actor, singer, dancer, producer, writer, pilot984,76540
Iggy Pop Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Actor354,58337
Joseph Gordon Levitt Actor, Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Editor3994,52310
Conan O Brien TV Personality, Comedian, Writer, Producer3074,49510
Neil Young Singer, Songwriter, Musician774,43966
Jerry Seinfeld Comedian, Actor, Writer, and T.V./Film Producer3094,40925
Andy Griffith Actor, Comedian, Producer, Singer, Writer. Died July 3, 2012.2874,39312
Russell Brand Actor, Producer, Writer2874,36610
Tom Waits Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Actor.2044,35731
Randy Rhoads Musician, Songwriter, Producer. Died March 19, 1982.1644,35011
Captain Beefheart Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Author, Director, Poet. Died December 17, 2010124,25039
John Petrucci Musician, Songwriter2254,24913
Ronnie James Dio Singer/Songwriter. Died May 16, 2010.2364,24315
Alexi Laiho Musician, Singer/Songwriter2144,20110
Al Pacino Actor, Director, Screenwriter, Producer884,08633
Pharrell Williams Producer, Musician, Singer/songwriter, Fashion Designer654,01032
Glenn Danzig Singer/Songwriter, Musician343,97243
Dave Chappelle Comedian, Screenwriter, T.V./Film Producer and Actor2863,90816
Quentin Tarantino Film director, producer, screenwriter, actor4393,89217
Kevin Smith Director, actor, producer, screenwriter, author, comedian, podcaster2873,83010
Travis McCoy Singer/songwriter, Rapper2043,81711
Warren Zevon Musician, Singer/Songwriter . Died September 7, 2003.243,79653
John Cleese Actor, Comedian, Writer and Producer2773,73012
Seth Rogen Actor, comedian, producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor543,70442
Peter Jackson Director, Producer, Screenwriter and Actor3083,45813
Trent Reznor Musician, singer, songwriter, producer--new3,41157
David Byrne Singer, songwriter, musician, actor, director, producer--new3,24051
Bob Seger Musician, Singer/Songwriter343,23226
Tim Burton Film director, film producer, writer, artist--new3,17910
Weird Al Yankovic Musician, Singer Songwriter, Parodist, Comedian, Actor--new3,06951
David Lee Roth Musician, Singer/Songwriter343,00821
Elvis Costello Musician, Singer/Songwriter--new2,83150
Snoop Dogg Rapper, Singer-Songwriter, Record Producer & Actor682,77112
Paul Westerberg Singer/Songwriter, Musician--new2,62121
Ziggy Marley Singer/Songwriter332,57520
Bruno Mars Singer-songwriter, record producer452,54010
Ed Sheeran Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Musician2042,49110
Yngwie Malmsteen Musician, Songwriter, Producer164 (A)2,47911
Lenny Bruce Comedian, Writer, Actor. Died August 3, 1966--new2,38126
Leonard Nimoy Actor, Film Director, Poet,Photographer, Singer,Songwriter--new2,2933
Nick Jonas singer-songwriter, musician, actor and multi-instrumentalist, producer, model--new2,2706
Josh Homme Musician, Singer/Songwriter.642,17410
Wes Craven Writer, Director, Actor362,02818
Austin Mahone Singer/Songwriter122,01814
Devin Townsend Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Producer352,01610
George Strait Musician, Singer/Songwriter, actor--new1,7321
George Lucas Director, screenwriter, producer, entrepreneur--new1,4222
Tony Iommi Guitarist, Songwriter--new1,1602
Geddy Lee Musician, Singer/Songwriter--new9570
Phil Collins Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Actor, Producer--new8550
Geezer Butler Musician, Songwriter--new7570

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