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Will Smith Actor, Producer, Musician981012,36266
Viggo Mortensen Actor, Poet, Musician, Photographer and Painter2979,92277
Prince Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Actor, Producer. Died April 21, 2016.1868,908114
Frank Zappa Musician. Died December 4, 1993368,903235
Jerry Garcia Musician (Died: August 9, 1995 age 53)2668,85557
Bob Marley Musician, Singer/Songwriter. Died May 11, 1981.3588,45162
Bradley Nowell Musician (Died: May 25, 1996 age 28)2367,66628
Elvis Presley Musician, Actor. Died August 16, 1977.75107,65649
Jimi Hendrix Musician, Singer/Songwriter. Died September 18, 1970.4797,32434
Dimebag Darrell Musician. Died December 8, 2004.2367,28819
Eddie Van Halen Musician2676,84237
Dave Mustaine Musician, Singer/Songwriter.2366,81432
Bob Dylan Musician, Singer/Songwriter.366,653102
Rob Zombie Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Director, Producer.2366,60759
Lou Reed Musician, Singer/Songwriter. Died October 27, 2013.356,47984
Henry Rollins Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Actor, Writer, Spoken-Word Artist, Journalist, Publisher, Comedian, TV/ Radio host346,442110
Cliff Burton Musician. Died September 27, 1986.2366,42917
Dave Grohl Musician2866,18230
Eric Clapton Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Producer3896,18037
Les Claypool Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Author, Director, Actor & The Worlds Greatest Bass Player2245,76855
Marilyn Manson Musician, Actor, Artist2565,73045
John Lennon Musician, Singer/Songwriter. Died December 8, 1980.4495,67517
David Bowie Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Actor. Died January 10, 2016.355,51696
Zakk Wylde Musician, Songwriter, Actor, Producer2365,50912
Stevie Ray Vaughan Musician, Singer/Songwriter. Died August 27, 1990.2775,46919
Beck Hansen Musician, Producer1645,22127
Travis Barker Musician, Songwriter, Producer365,074175
Kurt Cobain Musician4085,06522
Bruce Springsteen Singer/Songwriter, Musician.684,90862
Marc Bolan Musician, Singer/Songwriter. Died September 29, 1977244,81870
Corey Taylor Musician2254,62823
Ace Frehley Musician, Singer/Songwriter.2364,52217
Randy Rhoads Musician, Songwriter, Producer. Died March 19, 1982.1644,11211
John Petrucci Musician, Songwriter2254,09913
Alexi Laiho Musician, Singer/Songwriter2144,02610
Chuck Schuldiner Musician. Died December 13, 2001.2133,99210
Iggy Pop Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Actor353,94037
Joe Satriani Musician1653,90413
Sting Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Actor893,89041
Tom Waits Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Actor.2043,83031
Jaco Pastorius Musician. Died September 21, 1987.2233,76011
Pharrell Williams Producer, Musician, Singer/songwriter, Fashion Designer653,70332
Steve Martin Comedian, Actor, Author, Musician, Producer.3693,62017
Captain Beefheart Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Author, Director, Poet. Died December 17, 2010123,56639
Neil Young Singer, Songwriter, Musician773,51466
Glenn Danzig Singer/Songwriter, Musician343,49743
Paul Gilbert Musician2253,47811
Warren Zevon Musician, Singer/Songwriter . Died September 7, 2003.243,20553
Marty Friedman Musician1852,97710
Buckethead Musician2232,97511
Bob Seger Musician, Singer/Songwriter342,91225
George Clinton Musician262,91145
Steely Dan Musicians, Jazz Rock group122,82938
Steve Vai Musician.2162,79714
Trent Reznor Musician, singer, songwriter, producer--new2,78557
Billy Boyd Actor and Musician2362,71213
Ornette Coleman Musician. Died June 11, 2015.--new2,53644
David Lee Roth Musician, Singer/Songwriter342,52421
David Byrne Singer, songwriter, musician, actor, director, producer--new2,48451
Yngwie Malmsteen Musician, Songwriter, Producer164 (A)2,35811
Weird Al Yankovic Musician, Singer Songwriter, Parodist, Comedian, Actor--new2,33051
Bruce Dickinson Singer, Musician, Pilot, Broadcaster, Fencer, Brewer122,32538
Ed Sheeran Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Musician2042,31910
Steven Tyler Singer, Musician--new2,2256
Neil Peart Musician, Author352,19045
Nick Jonas singer-songwriter, musician, actor and multi-instrumentalist, producer, model--new2,1696
Run DMC Musicians232,11755
Paul Westerberg Singer/Songwriter, Musician--new2,07621
Elvis Costello Musician, Singer/Songwriter--new2,03750
Josh Homme Musician, Singer/Songwriter.641,97010
John Coltrane Jazz Musician. Died July 17, 1967231,72722
Devin Townsend Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Producer351,72210
William Shatner Actor, Musician,Film Director,Novelist--new1,6714
Beastie Boys Musicians271,65428
George Strait Musician, Singer/Songwriter, actor--new1,6431
Hal Sparks Actor, Comedian, Musician--new1,5820
James Hetfield musician--new1,3983
Jimmy Page Musician, Producer--new1,3384
Toby Turner Actor, comedian, musician, internet personality--new1,1351
Geddy Lee Musician, Singer/Songwriter--new9220
Phil Collins Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Actor, Producer--new8050
Geezer Butler Musician, Songwriter--new7170

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