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Mick Foley Wrestler, Author, Actor, Comedian369,895142
Craig Ferguson T.V. Host, Comedian, Actor, Director, Author, Producer2878,16964
Adam Sandler Comedian, Actor,Producer,Writer.4998,06677
Henry Rollins Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Actor, Writer, Spoken-Word Artist, Journalist, Publisher, Comedian, TV/ Radio host347,656110
King Kong Bundy Wrestler, Actor, Comedian247,25572
Kevin Hart Actor, Comedian547,254244
David Letterman TV Personality, Actor, Comedian3286,23438
Tom Green Actor, Rapper, Writer, Comedian, Talk Show Host & Media Personality2765,96322
Mike Myers Actor, Comedian, Singer, Screenwriter and Producer3085,94846
Conan O Brien TV Personality, Comedian, Writer, Producer3074,49510
Nick Cannon Rapper, Comedian, Actor, TV Personality, Radio Personality, Producer2364,48211
Eddie Murphy Comedian, Actor1684,46214
Jerry Seinfeld Comedian, Actor, Writer, and T.V./Film Producer3094,40925
Andy Griffith Actor, Comedian, Producer, Singer, Writer. Died July 3, 2012.2874,39312
George Carlin Comedian, Actor, Author. Died June 22, 2008.454,09939
Dave Chappelle Comedian, Screenwriter, T.V./Film Producer and Actor2863,90816
Steve Martin Comedian, Actor, Author, Musician, Producer.3693,84817
Kevin Smith Director, actor, producer, screenwriter, author, comedian, podcaster2873,83010
John Cleese Actor, Comedian, Writer and Producer2773,73012
Seth Rogen Actor, comedian, producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor543,70442
Dana Carvey Actor, Comedian1763,23412
Weird Al Yankovic Musician, Singer Songwriter, Parodist, Comedian, Actor--new3,06951
Bill Cosby Comedian, Actor, Author--new2,48612
Lenny Bruce Comedian, Writer, Actor. Died August 3, 1966--new2,38126
Mike Epps Comedian, actor342,01714
Richard Pryor Stand up comedian, film, television actor652,01610
Hal Sparks Actor, Comedian, Musician--new1,6220
Andy Kaufman Comedian, Actor. Died May 16, 1984.--new1,51210
Toby Turner Actor, comedian, musician, internet personality--new1,2521
Martin Lawrence Comedian, Actor, Director, Producer--new7580

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