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Kivanc Tatlitug Actor, Model11523,993180
Johnny Depp Actor,Producer881020,282182
Arnold Schwarzenegger Actor,Producer,Director741020,11097
Tom Hanks Actor, Filmmaker731018,6101,025
Hugh Jackman Actor46917,580114
Channing Tatum Actor33817,218766
Bruce Willis Actor551017,137720
Leonardo Dicaprio Actor751016,35574
Dwayne Johnson Wrestler, Actor42915,550359
Justin Timberlake Singer/Songwriter, Actor61913,71037
Will Smith Actor, Producer, Musician981013,31266
Clint Eastwood Actor651012,84761
Michael Fassbender Actor26711,79249
Orlando Bloom Actor43910,96360
Viggo Mortensen Actor, Poet, Musician, Photographer and Painter29710,68377
Vin Diesel Actor31810,52378
Prince Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Actor, Producer. Died April 21, 2016.18610,384114
Tom Cruise Actor, Producer, Writer, Director, Dwarf651010,30439
Frankie Grande Actor, Singer, Dancer, Producer--new10,30359
Mick Foley Wrestler, Author, Actor, Comedian369,895142
Harry Styles Singer, Actor1759,43233
Kevin Spacey Actor,Producer3899,23036
Christian Bale Actor4299,11564
Edward Norton Actor3278,95268
Robert Downey Jr Actor4398,82157
Billy Unger Actor1958,79212
Zac Efron Actor3878,77848
Marty Wright Wrestler, Actor--new8,554111
Elvis Presley Musician, Actor. Died August 16, 1977.76108,46849
Alexander Skarsgard Actor, Model3678,37231
Michael Jackson Singer, Actor. Died June 25, 2009.78108,30939
Denzel Washington Actor5098,29844
Lil Wayne Rapper, Producer, Actor.648,236150
Craig Ferguson T.V. Host, Comedian, Actor, Director, Author, Producer2878,16964
Adam Sandler Comedian, Actor,Producer,Writer.4998,06677
Ryan Gosling Actor3188,02840
Marshall Mathers Rapper, Actor3587,86830
Henry Rollins Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Actor, Writer, Spoken-Word Artist, Journalist, Publisher, Comedian, TV/ Radio host347,656110
Robert Englund Actor2357,53741
Drake Rapper, Singer/Songwriter, Actor.547,29177
King Kong Bundy Wrestler, Actor, Comedian247,25572
Kevin Hart Actor, Comedian547,254244
Spencer Boldman Actor1747,05512
James Franco Actor, Writer, Director3877,02730
Henry Cavill Actor, Model--new6,779161
Ben Affleck Actor, director, screenwriter, producer4296,66328
Marilyn Manson Musician, Actor, Artist2566,55745
David Bowie Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Actor. Died January 10, 2016.356,43496
Les Claypool Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Author, Director, Actor & The Worlds Greatest Bass Player2246,41155
Jim Carrey Actor5296,30633
Bruce Lee Martial Arts Master, Actor. Died July 20, 1973.1296,25634
David Letterman TV Personality, Actor, Comedian3286,23438
Kiefer Sutherland Actor, Producer, Director3386,20137
Steve Borden Wrestler, Actor356,02353
Tom Green Actor, Rapper, Writer, Comedian, Talk Show Host & Media Personality2765,96322
Mike Myers Actor, Comedian, Singer, Screenwriter and Producer3085,94846
Ashton Kutcher Actor4395,94523
George Steele Wrestler, Teacher, Coach, Actor. Died February 16, 2017.245,94163
Shia Labeouf Actor2975,81840
Andre the Giant Wrestler, Actor. Died January 27, 1993.575,79770
Al Snow Wrestler, Trainer, Actor355,78240
Zakk Wylde Musician, Songwriter, Actor, Producer2365,71612
Alice Cooper Singer/Songwriter, Actor365,64252
Heath Ledger Actor5795,49226
Simon Rex Actor, Television Host, Recording Artist, Record Poducer--new5,474173
Joseph Morgan Actor, Model.655,37629
Mike Tyson Boxer, Actor885,29724
Bill Goldberg Wrestler, Football Player, Actor245,29058
Shawn Hatosy Actor--new5,26861
Jensen Ackles Actor2365,19432
Vincent Donofrio Actor345,01489
Bradley Cooper Actor354,97348
Edward Furlong Actor2354,90834
Yelawolf Rapper, Skateboarder, Songwriter, Producer, Actor, Director2234,88616
Anthony Hopkins Actor4294,88425
Sting Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Actor894,79541
John Travolta Actor, singer, dancer, producer, writer, pilot984,76540
Clive Owen Actor3074,72318
Michael C Hall Actor, Producer2564,72018
David Tennant Actor2774,63921
Iggy Pop Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Actor354,58337
Danny Trejo Actor2874,55422
Joseph Gordon Levitt Actor, Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Editor3994,52310
Ice T Rapper, Actor474,49856
Richard Dean Anderson Actor, T.V Producer and Composer2464,49119
Nick Cannon Rapper, Comedian, Actor, TV Personality, Radio Personality, Producer2364,48211
Eddie Murphy Comedian, Actor1684,46214
Ving Rhames Actor2664,42013
Jerry Seinfeld Comedian, Actor, Writer, and T.V./Film Producer3094,40925
Andy Griffith Actor, Comedian, Producer, Singer, Writer. Died July 3, 2012.2874,39312
Russell Brand Actor, Producer, Writer2874,36610
Tom Waits Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Actor.2044,35731
Will Ferrell Actor4194,33831
Frank Sinatra Singer, Actor, Producer, Director. Died May 14th 1998.5194,32218
George Carlin Comedian, Actor, Author. Died June 22, 2008.454,09939
Al Pacino Actor, Director, Screenwriter, Producer884,08633
Milo Ventimiglia Actor2264,07010
Matthew Gray Gubler Actor, Director, Model2043,93711
Jude Law Actor3893,93510
Taylor Lautner Actor2973,92316
Dave Chappelle Comedian, Screenwriter, T.V./Film Producer and Actor2863,90816
Quentin Tarantino Film director, producer, screenwriter, actor4393,89217
Matt Smith Actor (11th Doctor)2363,88234
Nicolas Cage Actor,Producer4593,85922
Steve Martin Comedian, Actor, Author, Musician, Producer.3693,84817
Harrison Ford Actor473,83538
Kevin Smith Director, actor, producer, screenwriter, author, comedian, podcaster2873,83010
Hayden Christensen Actor3063,80114
salman khan actor--new3,7986
Tom Hardy Actor2773,78720
Sam Worthington Actor2363,77532
Don Cheadle Actor, producer, author643,76644
John Cleese Actor, Comedian, Writer and Producer2773,73012
Alan Rickman Actor3083,71323
Seth Rogen Actor, comedian, producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor543,70442
Dominic Monaghan Actor2463,68012
Boris Karloff Actor. Died February 2, 1969123,66627
Seth Green Actor3183,65620
Tom Welling Actor,Producer,Director3673,64520
Samuel L Jackson Actor793,56428
Donald Sutherland Actor2873,48815
Bela Lugosi Actor. Died August 16, 1956.123,46630
Peter Jackson Director, Producer, Screenwriter and Actor3083,45813
Rob Dyrdek Professional Skateboarder, Actor, Entrepreneur, Producer & Reality TV Star2263,38118
Nathan Fillion Actor2363,35711
Omari Hardwick Actor353,35772
Warwick Davis Actor2773,27612
Kevin James Actor2973,26510
David Byrne Singer, songwriter, musician, actor, director, producer--new3,24051
Dana Carvey Actor, Comedian1763,23412
Jared Padalecki Actor2363,15118
Bruce Campbell Actor, Director, Producer, Author473,11014
Weird Al Yankovic Musician, Singer Songwriter, Parodist, Comedian, Actor--new3,06951
Tupac Shakur Rapper, Actor. Died September 13, 1996.653,02417
Chris Delia Stand-up comic, Actor--new2,96860
Charles Michael Davis Actor, Model.262,90931
Billy Boyd Actor and Musician2362,89113
Jason Lee Actor, Producer, Athlete2872,83911
Thomas Gibson Actor2042,81912
Daniel Radcliffe Actor462,78123
Snoop Dogg Rapper, Singer-Songwriter, Record Producer & Actor682,77112
Evan Peters Actor2042,75910
Alex Pettyfer Actor, Model--new2,7312
Lou Albano Wrestler, Actor. Died October 14, 2009112,67818
John Wayne Actor. Died June 11, 1979.--new2,67354
Lee Byung Hun Actor532,62423
Lon Chaney Actor. Died August 26, 1930.352,52511
Paul Bettany Actor2352,51816
Sean Combs Rapper, record producer, entrepreneur, actor652,48718
Mark Salling Actor, Singer--new2,4861
Bill Cosby Comedian, Actor, Author--new2,48612
Jason Mewes Actor2362,44310
Billy Zane Actor, Producer, Director342,43519
Idris Elba Actor, film producer, singer, rapper, DJ262,41333
Paul Walker Actor--new2,4094
Michael B Jordan Actor572,39327
Lenny Bruce Comedian, Writer, Actor. Died August 3, 1966--new2,38126
Ethan Suplee Actor--new2,36710
Leonard Nimoy Actor, Film Director, Poet,Photographer, Singer,Songwriter--new2,2933
Mark Ruffalo Actor--new2,27617
Nick Jonas singer-songwriter, musician, actor and multi-instrumentalist, producer, model--new2,2706
Taylor Kitsch Actor--new2,2183
Chris Pine Actor--new2,1281
Chad Michael Murray Actor--new2,0933
Wes Craven Writer, Director, Actor362,02818
Sean Connery Actor--new2,01810
Dr Dre Record Producer, Rapper, Entrepreneur & Actor--new2,0175
Mike Epps Comedian, actor342,01714
Richard Pryor Stand up comedian, film, television actor652,01610
Daniel Gillies Actor262,01618
Stephen Amell Actor--new2,0169
Marc Anthony Singer, Actor--new2,01611
Patrick Dempsey Actor, Racecardriver--new2,01415
Mickey Rourke Actor--new2,0076
Colton Haynes Actor--new1,9435
Eric Bana Actor--new1,9026
John Goodman Actor--new1,8922
Jonathan Rhys Meyers Actor, Model--new1,8885
Scott Porter Actor--new1,8840
LL Cool J Rapper, Actor--new1,85218
Cam Gigandet Actor--new1,7991
James Gandolfini Actor. Died June 19, 2013.--new1,7932
James Marsden Actor, Singer--new1,7732
William Shatner Actor, Musician,Film Director,Novelist--new1,7594
James Lafferty Actor--new1,7411
George Strait Musician, Singer/Songwriter, actor--new1,7321
Ryan Sypek Actor--new1,7030
Austin Nichols Actor--new1,6741
Jesse Metcalfe Actor--new1,6361
Hal Sparks Actor, Comedian, Musician--new1,6220
Emile Hirsch Actor--new1,6191
Andrew Garfield Actor--new1,5621
Zachary Levi Actor--new1,5362
Andy Kaufman Comedian, Actor. Died May 16, 1984.--new1,51210
Penn Badgley Actor--new1,4911
Toby Turner Actor, comedian, musician, internet personality--new1,2521
Bing Crosby Singer, Actor. Died October 14, 1977.--new1,1680
Phil Collins Singer/Songwriter, Musician, Actor, Producer--new8550
Martin Lawrence Comedian, Actor, Director, Producer--new7580
James Maslow Singer, Actor--new6720

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